Reading List for the Carefree Gardener

The weather is growing cooler and kind of gloomy outside. Isn’t it nice to snuggle up next to the fire with a good book and your favorite beverage? For me it certainly is. Do you have a garden reading list? Fiction or non-fiction, it doesn’t matter. As long as the read keeps me engaged and interested and I maybe learn a thing or two, I’m there.

I hope you remain cozy in your home this winter season, as I am within my hibernation! In the meantime, we should grab a book or two and get reading. Here are some of my favorites for the carefree gardener in your life, whether that’s you or a good friend or family member, you’ll be brimming with pleasure page after page.

Reading List for the Carefree Gardener:

Bloom’s Best Perennials and Grasses: Expert Plant Choices and Dramatic Combinations for Year-Round Gardens by Adrian Bloom – With hundreds of perennials and grasses available to gardeners, how can you know whether or not you’re making the right choice? Adrian Bloom shares his years of garden experience in this book. He illustrates 250 reliable choices that are beautiful, easy to maintain, and provide year-round interest. In addition, he shares growth, care and design tips for use in gardens of all sizes. Bloom also explains how to design and mix perennials and grasses with other supporting plants.

reading list for the carefree gardenerThe Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett – A timeless classic, The Secret Garden is a poignant tale of Mary, a lonely orphaned girl sent to a Yorkshire mansion at the edge of a vast lonely moor who is initially frightened by this gloomy place until she meets a local boy who’s earned the trust of the moor’s wild animals, an unhappy boy terrified of life, and a mysterious and abandoned garden.

Perennial Companions: 100 Dazzling Plant Combinations for Every Season by Tom Fischer – Every gardener wants to create breathtaking designs with colour, form, and texture. Perennial Companions takes away all the guesswork that combining perennials can present with author Tom Fischer’s top 100 proven choices. New gardeners will understand how to create simple pairings. Likewise, experienced gardeners will find complex arrangements with four or more plants.

Garden Blessings: Prose, Poems and Prayers Celebrating the Love of Gardening by June Cotner – Balancing classic and famous writers with lesser-known award-winning writers, author June Cotner uncovers many selections not found anywhere else. How to contemplate the joyful art of gardening? These writings muse on childhood memories of planting and harvesting to celebrations of the changing seasons. Garden Blessings is a moving collection of  reflections that reminds us of what really matters — making and sharing memories.

Week to Week

The Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook: Make the Most of Your Growing Season by Jennifer and Ron Kujawski – Knowing exactly when to start vegetable seeds indoors, transplant them into the ground and pick for peak flavor is the secret to enjoying bountiful harvests all through the season. Authors Ron and Jennifer Kujawski help eliminate garden guesswork! They provide weekly to-do lists that break gardening down into easily manageable tasks suitable for all gardening zones.

Up In the Garden and Down In the Dirt by Kate Messner – Discover the wonders that lie hidden between stalks, under the shade of leaves and down in the dirt. Up in the garden, the world is full of green. However, down in the dirt exists a busy world populated by all the animals that make a garden home.