Creative Autumn Decorating Ideas to Repurpose Old Garden Tools

garden decorationThere’s nothing quite like Autumn to inspire home and garden decoration. The cool crisp air, the leaves changing colours and pumpkin-flavoured treats everywhere make Autumn one of the most beloved seasons.

Repurposing garden tools into new art or a tool with new purpose is a fun way to personalise your garden. Repurposing garden tools keeps them out of landfills and gives you a fun statement piece for your outdoor space. Here are some ways you can reuse old garden tools and turn them into decor for your home or garden.

Garden Hose Doormat

Surely all of us have an old leaky hose and an old grungy doormat just begging to be replaced. Enter this lovely diy. With your old hose and a few other simple materials, you can create this mat and keep your garden theme throughout your outdoor space, right up until you enter the door. Rozanne loves the uniqueness of this mat, and with a simple hose down, it will be easy to clean. This would also make a great gift for the gardener in your life!

Garden Pallet Wall Clock

This clock will showcase your love for gardening and rustic charm. By using some old gardening tools and a weathered pallet, you can create this fun clock that will look great indoors or out. Rozanne loves this unique recycle because it gives her the chance to display her favourite weathered tools that just don’t work as well anymore. You could easily make this a functional clock as well with a few simple tools.

Rake Wine Glass Holder

Old rakes that come off their handles are far from useless. These rusty ends are the perfect wine glass holder and this is one of the easiest DIYs yet. All you need is a rake head, some screws and wine glasses. Rozanne just adores that this brings the outside indoors and combines some of her favourite hobbies: gardening, entertaining and wine!

Saw Starburst Wall Art

Who knew that several old, unsightly saws could be so charming? These hand saws are displayed on a blank wall of a garden shed adding so much character to this outdoor space. Tools required for this include saws, something round to put in the centre (this blogger used the bottom part of a chicken feeder) and some screws or nails. Rozanne loves the creativity behind this and how something old was turned new.

Garden Tool Chairs

Every well-designed garden space needs proper seating for friends to gather around and enjoy one another’s company. This project is a little more work, but could be worth it to get something functional and artistic at the centre of your outdoor space. We bet anyone who enters your garden will comment on your unique chairs. You will need old tools, (these particular chairs are made from old grain scoops, manure forks and coal shovels), recycled cedar 2×4 fence rails, and a welder.

Repurposing garden tools into art and decor is a wonderful way to put your personality into your outdoor space. And Autumn is the perfect time to DIY and brainstorm ways to add even more character and charm to your garden. What is your favourite retired garden tool that you have repurposed for another use? Leave us a comment on Facebook sharing your creativity.