Rozanne’s Favourite Images of Geraniums From Around the World

As a geranium lover, I want to share some of my favourite geraniums from around the world with you. I love to find other images of geraniums and use them for inspiration.

Images of geraniums

Perhaps you’ll want to plant some of these lovely flowers in your garden, pick up a potted plant of a new variety, or maybe you’ll just enjoy seeing all the pretty images here with me! Let’s take a look, shall we?

Images of geraniums Ballerina Ballerina

This little geranium known as the Ballerina is a pretty, dainty perennial that has purplish-pink flowers and a dark purple center. Look closely at the petals and you will see the striking pattern created by the purple veining. This plant prefers full sun and looks great along borders and walkways or to add contrast to your flower beds.


images of geraniums Appleblossom RosebudApple Blossom

The Pelargonium Hortorum blooms repeatedly and can bloom in late spring, mid summer and early fall. The large clusters of delicate pink flowers is showy when planted in garden beds and containers. The apple blossom flower is heat and drought tolerant and can easily be brought indoors in late autumn for a winter flowering plant.


Images of geraniums zonalZonal Geraniums

The striking colours of these tall stemmed flowers with ball-shaped blooms make them a popular plant for gardeners throughout the United States. Though not a true geranium, these pelargoniums love the heat and do well in containers. They come in a range of hues and will add beauty to any garden.


Images of geraniums Mr Henry CoxMr. Henry Cox

An unusual name for a unique-looking plant. This fancy leaf geranium is beautiful as a border plant, with its colourful foliage and the clusters of pink flowers that bloom on top. I can’t decide whether the leaves or the blooms are more beautiful! Plant in well-drained soil in full sun. Once established, it can tolerate temporary periods of drought.


Images of geraniums Neon RoseSo Amazing! Neon Geranium

With a name like that, this plant better deliver! This plant does amazingly well during the fall and winter. The bright petals give your garden pops of colour and add cheer to any outdoor space. This low-maintenance plant can live in full or partial sun and is fast growing.


These are just some of the beautiful geraniums that are found around the world in various gardens. I love the diversity, colour and even names of these differing flowers that help make up the geranium family. Do you have a favourite Geranium? Show me a photo of your favourite on Instagram using the #geraniumrozanne. Then we can enjoy all the pretty images together!