Mark your Calendars! Rozanne’s list of Holidays for Gardeners

The holiday season is so fun and festive. But why should December get all the love and attention? Rozanne loves to celebrate all year long, which is why she compiled this list of gardening holidays in 2017. Grab your gardening friends and let’s rejoice in our favourite hobby by celebrating it throughout the year!

Plant A Flower Day

When: March 12

What: A day to celebrate our favourite hobby—gardening! And a day to add more beauty to this world and look forward to the spring season.

How to celebrate: Well, by planting a flower, or several flowers of course! Our favourite is Rozanne, due to striking beauty and long-lasting performance. You can also decide whether you want to plant annuals or perennials.

Spring Vernal Equinox

When: March 20 for the next several years

What: The official start to spring! Every gardener looks forward to this day and season. It’s the chance to finally go outside and be in your garden.

How to celebrate: Get outdoors, work in your garden, plant fresh vegetables or plant a fruit tree or two. Celebrate the beginning of spring by enjoying your outdoor space.

Earth Daygeranium rozanne seeds

When: April 22

What: A day to raise awareness toward environmental issues and protecting our planet. Earth Day began in 1970.

How to celebrate: There are so many ways! Plant a tree, learn about the environment, recycle, clean up litter, plant flowers. The possibilities are endless!

Arbor Day

When: The last Friday in April

What: Known as the Tree Planter’s holiday, Arbor Day is a day to plant and dedicate a tree to help nature and the environment.

How to celebrate: Inspect the trees on your property, organise a “find the biggest tree” search in your community, volunteer with a tree-planting group, clean up a park—and of course—plant a tree!

May Day

When: May 1

What: May Day is a celebration of spring and the coming of summer.

How to celebrate: Spend time in your garden, throw a flower garden party, whip up a garden cocktail and enjoy the spring season and the coming of summer.

Iris Day

When: May 8

What: Iris Day celebrates the beautiful Iris flowers that bloom late in the spring.

How to celebrate: Plant this pretty flower, bring some to a friend, or just sit back in your lovely garden and admire its pretty blooms.

Learn About Composting Day

When: May 29

What: Learn About Composting Day is a day that encourages you to explore the world of composting. Anyone can compost and it helps keep the environment a little cleaner.

How to celebrate: Read up on composting and start a compost of your own.

Water A Flower Day

When: May 30

What: By now, most of your flowers should be in full bloom. Keep them happy and hydrated by watering them.

How to celebrate: Water your flowers, water a neighbour’s flowers, or a family member’s who is out of town.

National Gardening Exercise Day

When: June 6

What: We know that there are many health benefits to gardening and National Gardening Exercise Day seeks to maximize those benefits.

How to celebrate: Take some extra time in your garden and stretch out and walk around your outdoor space. Do a mini workout outdoors. Enjoy being outside and all the benefits gardening has to offer.

Red Rose Day

When: June 12

What: The red rose is often thought of as a favourite flower. As red roses bloom vibrantly this month, take a second to stop, smell and admire this pretty flower.

How to celebrate: Bring someone a bouquet of red roses, prune your rose bushes, or plant flowers that are beautiful and useful companion plants to your roses.

Poinsettia Day

When: December 12

What: Right around the Christmas season we celebrate the plant that is synonymous with the holiday. The date signifies the death of the flower’s founder—Joel Roberts Poinsett, an American botanist.

How to celebrate: If you haven’t already, purchase a poinsettia, for yourself or for a friend. They make great gifts to bring to all those holiday parties you’ll be attending.

There’s no shortage of special days and gardening holidays. And there’s certainly no shortage of ways to celebrate our favourite hobby. Whether you choose to celebrate with friends and family outdoors, or plant trees and plants in solitude, we’re glad gardening is so loved. What is your favourite holiday in 2017? Leave us a comment on Facebook sharing your favourite and how you celebrate.