Rozanne’s Picks for top Purple Perennials

Adding colour to your garden is one the fastest ways to improve your home’s curb appeal, not to mention brighten your own day. We especially love peppering the colour purple into your landscape because the hue is known to uplift your spirits and calm your nerves. Plus, there’s the fact that purple holds a regal status as a historically noble colour, which is quite hard to turn down. Fancy to turn your home into castle? (Or at least make it feel like it?)

purple perennials flowers

To make sure you’ve got pops of purple elevating your home’s exterior, we’ve gone through and picked out our absolute favourite purple perennials that are just as beautiful as they are beneficial to your mood. It’s a win-win.

Our Favourite Purple Perennial Flowers


Campanula Blue Rivuletpurple perennials flowers Campanula Blue Rivulet

For a striking presence, incorporate Blue Rivulet’s iconic star-shaped petals. This variety grows a lavender-blue hue and looks lovely in hanging baskets, rock gardens, and in your front border. Since Blue Rivulet is known to spread as well, don’t place it as a ground cover unless you’re O.K. with her being friendly with surrounding types. She’s long-blooming and attracts hummingbirds, beneficial pollinators.


Geranium Rozannepurple perennials flowers Geranium Rozanne

Rozanne has branches that are known to ramble, making her an eye-catching spillover plant to add to front yard containers. We also love her as a ground cover, but remember that she likes to spread the love to her neighboring friends. Like other geranium perennials, Rozanne is easygoing and likes the sun. Her purples range from an indigo to a bright violet, depending on the sun and temperatures she receives,  so you can decorate your exterior with a range of Rozannes shades.


Salvia Indigopurple perennials flowers Salvia Indigo

If you’re looking for a shapely flower to bring intrigue to your back borders, Salvia Indigo will deliver. With its blueish-purple petals, Salvia Indigo is one of the best varieties in its class, offering attractive branching and long-blooming flowers. She prefers full sun and average, acidic soil, and she’s quite fragrant, too! Salvia Indigo summons butterflies and hummingbirds for a truly stunning garden setting.


Bressingham Spirepurple perennials flowers Bressingham Spire

Also known as Monkshood, Bressingham Spire features deep violet blue spikes that stand tall like cypress trees. We especially love this variety because she’s deer-resistant. She also makes a nice addition to a mixed border, incorporating structural shape into your landscape. Keep your Bressingham Spires in partial shade and watch her bloom brightly in the summertime.


Aster Flora’s Delightpurple perennials flowers Aster Flora's Delight

What’s not to love about sweet lilac flowers with warm yellow centers? Gorgeous for bouquets as well as your front and middle borders, we love these short, sturdy plants for a pronounced presence in the yard. She’s long-blooming, but you’ll need to provide proper winter protection for this flower. Keep her in full sun and average to rich well-drained soil, and she will thrive.


Aster Violet Queenpurple perennials flowers Aster Violet Queen

Ideal to pump up your late-season garden, Aster Violet Queen is a deep-violet variety with a catching yellow eye. Blooming from late summer until frost, she’s quite bushy and compact, proving to be a fantastic flower for containers as well as middle borders. She also attracts butterflies, and she loves to bask in full sun. Which purple perennial flowers do you plan on adding to your landscape? You can get all kinds of great garden suggestions like these straight to your inbox when you join Rozanne’s Inner Circle, so don’t wait to get in on the fun!