Rozanne®‘s Top 3 Websites for Lifestyle Inspiration

gardening lifestyleRozanne® wants to share some of her favorite lifestyle websites for her favorite readers: you! These sites are loaded with outdoor and garden ideas that inspire Rozanne.

Here Are Rozanne’s Favourite Websites for Lifestyle Inspiration:

Apartment Therapy

Rozanne loves catching up on trends through this site. There’s something for everyone here, no matter what budget or space you are working with.

Favourite Bits:

Apartment Therapy’s Outdoor Space features balcony makeovers and before and after videos. It has so many ideas on how to add unique pieces to your garden. Rozanne especially loves the One Balcony Refresh at Four Different Budgets post, where one balcony is transformed four different ways with a variety of budgets.

Rozanne’s Recommendation:

The Gardening School section is perfect for the first-time gardener or the ever-learning gardenista. It is chock-full of tips on garden planning, choosing the right plants, when to start planting, and more. Talk about making learning fun!


Better Homes and Garden

The name is all in the title with this one! This site is your resource to a better garden.

Favourite Bits:

Swoon! The Gardening section is filled with pretty images and ideas for your garden space. Their 6 Steps to a No-Work Cottage Garden post lays out how you can achieve a fun, colourful garden in a relaxed setting. Rozanne loves the red wagon featured as a shabby chic gardening accessory.

Rozanne’s Recommendation:

The Garden Plan page has the prettiest sketched garden layouts that will help you plan your garden. There are so many options to choose from.



This site is packed with ideas and inspiration for those who love all things garden and landscape.

Favourite Bits:

Their Steal This Look section has creative ways to repurpose old things into new outdoor decor, including turning an old tennis court into a kitchen garden and using water troughs as raised garden beds. Planting Rozanne in a water trough would be a fantastic way to showcase her talents.

Rozanne’s Recommendation:

The Urban Gardens section has unique ways you can add plants and gardens to small spaces. Even if you are limited on outdoor space, you can grow Rozanne in a window box and hang the box with brackets on a balcony. So clever!


Now that Rozanne has shared her favourites, she wants to know what inspires you. Share your favourite websites for lifestyle tips and inspiration on our Facebook page.