Seasonal Guide to Pruning Geraniums

You love your charming geraniums, we know! But the big question is: when should you prune your geraniums to keep them lush, healthy and blooming?

The good news is that it’s just a matter of understanding the seasons and marking it on your calendar as a reminder. It takes some time and tender, love and care but Geranium Rozanne® is worth it isn’t she? We think so, too.

Update your calendars for reminders each season for your geranium pruning to-dos (and for Geranium Rozanne).

Here’s our Seasonal Guide to Pruning Geraniums:

seasonal guide to pruning geraniums


Spring is a perfect time to plant new, young geraniums for the coming year. Young geraniums during this time of year typically have a few leaves with small flowering buds. There is no need to prune these young plants. Leave them be to become established.

Withy older plants that have overwintered and not pruned in the Autumn cut back all the old dead leaves to the base and watch excitedly as the new leaves start to appear heralding a new season

Rozanne Geranium Tip: As she continues to spread and grow you may wish to trim her edges back away from walkways or high-traffic areas, but generally you can sit back and enjoy her magic.  


To keep your geraniums looking neat and tidy, cut off the old flower stems as the blooms finish and the petals drop off.

Geranium Rozanne Tip: She will grow and bloom like wildfire! All you need to do is to continue trimming her back from paths, walkways and other plants.


In most regions you can leave your geraniums in the ground during the Autumn and winter months and then come the following spring, start hard pruning leaving only a few inches of the previous year’s growth above the soil line.

In very cold regions, although Rozanne is a very hardy plant, you should add mulch around her for protection. 

Geranium Rozanne Tip: Another option, other than pruning back is to keep her foliage throughout the cooler months that will act as a blanket and cover and protect her through winter.