Seasonal Pruning of Geranium Rozanne®

Flowers, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. And just like our fellow human companions, they have different needs from variety to variety. Pruning is one need that varies across flowering plants, and knowing exactly how to treat Geranium Rozanne® will help ensure that she reaches her full potential, and most effectively maintains the look of your lush garden areas.

Geranium Rozanne is pretty low maintenance when it comes to pruning. This hardy perennial does, however, enjoy some TLC at certain times of the year. For easy reference, here are a few of the times when Rozanne likes to receive a little seasonal pruning.

Here’s our Guide to Seasonal Pruning of Geranium Rozanne:

Spring Perennial Pruning

As Geranium Rozanne wakes from her winter slumber, cut back dead foliage to about 7 cm (3 inches), carefully trimming around new green shoots that are beginning to push their way upward through the soil. She’s prone to sprawling and will spread her love across the landscape like a low-flowering shrub, making for great groundcover.

Simply let her go. As Geranium Rozanne spreads and grows, you may wish to trim her edges back away from walkways or high traffic areas, or prevent her encroaching on other plants. But for the most part, you can just sit back and watch the magic happen!

Summer Perennial PruningSeasonal Pruning of Geranium Rozanne

With adequate water and even minimal sun, Geranium Rozanne will grow and bloom like wildfire all summer. Continue trimming back from areas you want to restrict her from, such as paths, walkways and other plants.

Autumn Perennial Pruning

When the trees begin to change colour and the cooler nights bring the promise of winter,  Rozanne can be energised with a  little touch-up trimming to keep her looking fresh before the true winter sets in. However, pruning is not absolutely necessary – you can choose to do so or not.

Her sprawling foliage will begin to fade around the edges, but don’t worry, Rozanne is still alive. If you want to give her a little tidy-up, simply work your way around the the plant cleaning up around the edges and encouraging fresh growth.

Winter Perennial Pruning

Do not cut Geranium Rozanne back to the ground. Her foliage becomes a blanket to cover and protect her through the winter months. Rozanne will hide quietly away and emerge victorious when the frost is gone and the spring greets us once more.

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10 comments on “Seasonal Pruning of Geranium Rozanne®

  1. i have a question about winterizing rozanne. i live in chicago (zone 5b). we just planted a bunch of rozanne in a tree bed. should we protect them over the winter? some have said with leaf mulch? any recommendations? thanks…


    1. Rozanne is extremely hardy so you won’t need to do anything. You could use a leaf mulch for extra protection. It isn’t vital but every little helps!

  2. Hi, I have had my geranium rozanna for 2 seasons now, and we were told to cut them down to ground last winter so we did, and they came up again no problem. However didn’t flower quite as vigorously. I was also told to split and divide at 3 years of age. Do you agree?

    1. Hi Annabel,

      Thanks for your questions.

      Rozanne can be cut down in the winter or early spring. It doesn’t make any big difference to how she grows. My own preference is to do this in early spring as the dead leaves give her some protection from frosts in the winter.

      The time at which you cut her down should not affect how she flowers. I would suggest that you give her a feed with a high potash fertiliser (Potash makes flowers). The most common potash fertilisers are tomato fertilisers, so any tomato fertiliser will do. Don’t worry, you won’t make her grow tomatoes!!

      As far as splitting Rozanne is concerned, I suggest you do this when she gets too big for the space she is in. You can leave her without splitting as long as you like. When you do split her I suggest you do this in late autumn or early spring. Avoid the summer months as this could make her dry out.

      I hope that helps you. Please let me know if you have any other questions. I hope Rozanne gives you years of gardening pleasure.

      Kind regards
      Alistair – a friend of Rozanne!

  3. I have a question,
    Can it be possible that Rozanne will change its colour from blue to violet/pink blue when planted in the not suitable soli conditions?
    I am asking, because some planted ones in my garden are a little bit more pink-blue, while the rest are right blue.
    Thank you in advance for your replay

  4. Would It be OK to grown Rozanne in a large pot as I like the idea of it cascading down the sides Thankyou

  5. I just bought a few Roxanne plants n they’re are quite leggy. Leave them as is n just plant or cut back.

  6. My Roxanne has toppled over do to high winds. Can I prune it back so she isn’t laying flat down?
    Roxanne has gotten very large like 5ft- 6ft around and about 34″ tall. Need advice on saving this plant it just started to bloom too.

  7. What do you all think about adding trailing sweet alyssum as a companion to blue hardy geranium in the same planter? I would rather have planters that look good all year, and alyssum flowers all year in zone 9.

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