Shabby Chic Gardening With Geranium Rozanne®

Shabby Chic decorating is a trend that celebrates the rustic and old. Furniture and accessories are prized for their worn and ‘used’ appearance, and often this trend breathes new life into old things by creating utility in something that was forgotten or discarded.

Now we can expand on this wonderful upcycling movement and incorporate old and antique vessels into our Shabby Chic garden. One particularly lovely perennial to use is Geranium Rozanne®.

Here’s How To Get Shabby Chic With Geranium Rozanne:

Plant Geraniums in an Old Bathtub

Repurpose an old bathtub (the more chips in the porcelain the better!) and place it in the garden to use as a unique receptacle for your perennial geraniums. Bathtubs are a convenient way to plant since they are naturally built to drain and won’t pool water in the root areas of your flowers. Putting Geranium Rozanne in a bathtub is one way to utilise the large planting space a bathtub provides, since Rozanne will sprawl and cover the entire surface area of the dirt filled tub. Once your find a suitable place for your tub, place several Geranium Rozanne plants in and watch them bloom for years to come.

shabby chic gardening pinterest 2Revive an Old Dresser

Do you have an old dresser that you don’t use anymore, or that doesn’t match your current decor? You can open a few drawers and fill them with potting soil and place a Rozanne plant in each drawer! Be sure to place either soil or stones in some of the closed lower drawers to weight the base of the dresser so that the weight of the open drawers doesn’t tip the bureau over.

Plant in an Antique Kettle

If you are lucky enough to have one of these beauties laying around your home, there’s a brilliant opportunity to turn it into a decorative garden wonder. Older kettles are deeper than their modern counterparts, so planting in them is easier. Add to that the coveted antique factor, and you have yourself a winning attraction for your shabby chic garden.

There are so many ways to enjoy old things in a new way. What ways have you found to repurpose old furniture and decorations to use in your gardening?




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