Shady Ladies: Which Perennial Flowers Flourish in Shade?

Many people tend to forget that a garden isn’t always sunny spots and bright blooms. For a garden that truly flourishes, it’s important that you pay attention to the areas that are a bit more under the radar… the shady spots. There are plenty of reasons one will want to plant in a shady area, one of them being the fact that some people’s gardens are actually in the shade! Especially if your trees or shrubs get really big, you’re looking at a lot of sheltered real estate that could use some fluffing up.

shade loving perennials

If you’ve got a shady area in your garden, the good news is there are actually perennials that will thrive without direct sunlight! In fact, if you give these plants too much sun, they’ll shy away. So not only will we give you some of the top shade-loving perennials, but we’ll also give you the best information on how to care for them. Because everyone can have a lush garden if they really want one!

Top Shade-Loving Perennials & Tips

It’s time to spruce up your shady spaces. Below are our favourite perennials that will bloom year after year in darker spots.

shade loving perennials bleeding heart

Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart will yield unique pink and white flowers that look like gems dangling off a necklace.

Tip: This variety will go dormant midsummer, so be sure to plant it with other perennials that have different blooming periods for full colour all year long.


shade loving perennials geranium rozsanne

Geranium Rozanne® enjoys partial shade (don’t put her in full shade!) and will delight you with how easy she is to care for.

Tip: Just remember to water during dry periods, prune, and feed her with all-purpose plant food on occasion.


shade loving perennials hostas

Hostas are showy foliage plants that will give you big, beautiful leaves. Plant these with your Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart.

Tip: There are quite a few different Hostas to choose from depending on how much space you want to dedicate to the plant. The leaves can range in colour from blue, green, chartreuse, white, and gold.


shade loving perennials geranium blushing turtleBlushing Turtle will do well in partial shade as a ground cover. Enjoy these vivid pink blooms until fall, when the petals turn to rich autumn hues.

Tip: Remove Blushing Turtle deadheads to increase the flowering period; otherwise, this plant is very easy to care for.


shade loving perennials younique salmon astilbe

Younique Salmon Astilbe features soft pink blooms in a striking pillar shape and blooms from early to midsummer.

Tip: Moist soil and fertilizer during the growing period are the keys to astilbe success.


shade loving perennials hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are a popular shady perennial because of their attractive shrub quality and multi-coloured clusters of flowers.

Tip: ‘Bloomstruck’ is a variety that’s said to be more tolerant to winter’s cold and summer’s heat than other reblooming types.


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