What Can I Do About Slugs in my Garden?

keep slugs awayHave you heard that slugs can eat double their body weight in one day? Not only are slugs unappealing, they can also wreak havoc and destroy gardens by chomping away at leaves, fruits and vegetables. Imagine all the trouble and hard work you have put into your garden ruined at the mouths of slugs.

Rozanne will not have these slimy, slithery creatures causing chaos in her friend’s gardens! She has a few tips on how to keep slugs away from your garden and far away from your outdoor space.

Plan Your Garden

Start your slug prevention by planning your garden. Taking a little time to create a plan of your garden can go a long way to keeping slugs out. You can determine your garden zone and then select plants that will work best for your zone.  

Slugs prefer tender plants and seedlings and they love high-moisture areas. They often dwell under rocks, containers, mulch and in deep grown vegetation.

slug resistant plantsBe Strategic

Being strategic with what you buy and where you place it in the garden will play a large role in deterring slugs. Choose plants slugs don’t like so you avoid inviting them into your garden in the first place:

  1. Trailing Bellflower—Slugs tend to avoid the trailing variety of this flower.
  2. Geraniums like Rozanne®—Our favourite flower is not the slug’s favourite.
  3. Dianthus—Planting a combination of annuals and perennials gives your garden variety that a slug will not come near.
  4. Thyme—Slugs don’t like the smell of this herb so they stay away.
  5. RosesMix with other plants to highlight the close friendships roses have with other plants.


keep slugs away from my gardenKeep Slugs Away Naturally

If these slimy creatures have made their way into your garden, there are some natural ways that you can get rid of them:

  1. Create a barrier—Scattering crushed eggshells, diatomaceous earth (DE) or copper wire around plants will create a barrier that slugs won’t be able to cross.
  2. Beer bait—Slugs are attracted to the fermented yeast in beer. Fill a small container and place it level with the ground. Slugs will crawl into it and drown.
  3. Eliminate moist areas—Look for and remove areas of your garden that are moist, such as mulch or containers. Check rocks regularly and turn them over so the bottom dries out.
  4. Slug eaters—Attracting frogs,toads and snakes (non-poisonous ones) will bring excellent slug control to your garden. They eat small pests and won’t damage your plants.

You see, there are many ways to keep these slimy creatures away. By choosing plants that slugs aren’t attracted to, as well as using organic remedies you can keep slugs from taking over your garden. Leave us a comment on Facebook telling us your favourite way to stay pest-free in your summer garden.