Should you start your garden from seeds or plants?

shutterstock_179507543How does your garden grow? With seeds that are meticulously cared for and planned out? Or with plants that were purchased and then transplanted with love and care? Whether you prefer to grow plants from seedlings or transplants, you can have a beautiful garden that will bring you food, joy and beauty for years to come. And if you’ve ever wondered whether Geranium Rozanne seeds are available for planting, read on.

Like anything in life, there are pros and cons to each method of gardening. We break down the good, the bad, and the tricky below.


Pros of Seed Planting

  • There is often a larger variety of seeds available than plants. You can browse seed catalogues and choose from a greater assortment than any shop will have of plants.
  • Seeds are less expensive than plants. A pack of seeds is usually a fraction of the price of plants and will include hundreds of seeds.
  • With seed planting you get to start from scratch and watch something grow from nothing.


geranium rozanne seedsCons of Seed Planting

  • Raising plants from seeds takes weeks of daily care and attention.
  • Seeds are more fragile than plants and you will likely experience more loss.
  • Seed planting takes a well-thought out approach. The timing of planting seeds needs to be executed properly in order for the seeds to take root.


Pros of plants

  • You can save time by planting plants. You just buy and then plant them. It can all be done in the same day.
  • There is a much better chance that transplants will survive in your garden. You don’t need to worry about loss like you do with fragile seedlings.
  • You get instant gratification. Once your transplants are planted, you can already see the fruits (or flowers) of your labour.


Cons of plants

  • Plants cost more money than seeds. You pay a price to cut out that initial work.
  • There is less variety available in plants. You can only purchase what is offered from you local nursery or garden centre.
  • You miss out on cultivating your garden from scratch and seeing your hard work pay off.


geranium rozanne seedsAre Geranium Rozanne® seeds available?

Not all plants come in seed form. Rozanne is one example of a flower that you cannot buy as seeds. Since Rozanne was crossbred from hardy geranium varieties, she is a sterile hybrid. Any Geranium Rozanne seeds she produces won’t create new Geranium Rozanne offspring.

Rozanne is easy to grow and maintain. She can adapt to a variety of conditions and will produce beautiful bright blooms in your garden. She will give you all the benefits of planting plants and many more. Her vibrant colour and reliability are worth paying a higher price than you would for a pack of perennial seeds.

One great option is to mix a variety of seeds and plants. There are several perennials that are easily grown from seed and many of these will look lovely next to Rozanne.


Whether you decide to use seeds or transplants in your garden, just follow the instructions provided and you will have a beautiful garden to cherish.

We’d love to know which method—seeds or plants—you favour and why. Leave a comment on our Facebook page and share your thoughts on the seeds vs plants debate.