Summer Care for Geranium Rozanne®

Proper summer garden careBy now, you’ve likely already planned your summer garden and are enjoying your outdoor space. Proper care of Rozanne® will keep her happy and thriving throughout the season. These tips will help you care for Rozanne in the different conditions that come with Summer.

Here’s How To Care For Geranium Rozanne In The Summer:

Dry and Humid Climates

One of the many reasons we love Rozanne is her tolerance to heat. Rozanne loves to sunbathe and does well when planted in full sun. She can perform just as vigorously in a warmer garden zone as long as she is treated to a bit of afternoon shade.

If your summer temperatures get especially hot, give Rozanne some sun protection in the hottest part of the day. One idea to keep her happy in warmer climates is to plant her in containers, which can easily be moved to a shadier location in the hotter part of the summer.

Summer garden careWater

Don’t let Rozanne dry up in the Summer heat. Like all of us, in hotter temperatures Rozanne will appreciate a good drink of water to keep her hydrated. Just be sure not to overly drench her. She doesn’t like to have wet feet for too long.

Water conservation is important, especially in warmer areas. Adding mulch to your perennial plantings will help lock moisture in and discourage weed growth, so the water goes to your beloved plants.

Summer garden care pruningPruning

Many perennials will grow double their size in the Summer, after experiencing Spring showers. Rozanne will bloom like wildfire in the warmer months. Pruning plants regularly helps keep your garden neat and tidy. Continue to trim Rozanne back by cutting off the old flower stems as the blooms finish and the petals drop off. You can also do the Chelsea Chop late in the season, which will encourage a second wind of flowering.

Rozanne is a versatile gal and can acclimatise to many conditions. With a little extra love in your garden she can thrive through the seasons, even in drier, warmer temperatures.

We want to know how your Rozanne is holding up in your summer garden. Leave us a comment on Facebook and let us know how your Rozanne is fairing.