Hardy Geranium

What is a Hardy Geranium?

What separates a hardy geranium, such as Geranium Rozanne, from a half-hardy geranium or pelargonium? You might be surprised to know that there is some confusion out there! People sometimes confuse true hardy geraniums with the other members of the Geraniaceae family. It all started back in the 18th century. Hardy cranesbill and pelargonium, from […]

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Perennial Annual Difference

What’s the Difference Between a Perennial and an Annual?

Planning for your garden or container planted patio area means understanding how the plants you intend to grow will bloom over time. Annuals will behave differently from perennial plants, so it’s important to know the differences to make the most of your gardening experience. Here’s the Difference Between Perennials and Annuals: Characteristics of Perennials Perennials […]

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