Rozanne Can Reduce Stress

3 Surprising Ways Geranium Rozanne Can Reduce Stress

When you think of stress reduction, chances are flowers aren’t the first things that come to mind. But among the many ways to reduce stress in your life, flowers, and particularly Geranium Rozanne, represent a natural and effective way to calm the nerves. Why does Rozanne help to reduce stress? The answers lie in nature […]

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Love Container Gardening

5 Reasons to Love Container Gardening

Container gardening is the practice of putting your favorite perennial, annual, or shrub in a container instead of the ground. Traditional planting in the ground can add stationary beauty to your garden. However, container gardening can bring a whole new world of flexibility, variety, and interest to your garden or patio. Here are 5 reasons […]

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planting rozanne in the fall

How to Use Geranium Rozanne® to Influence Your Mood

Use colour psychology with Geranium Rozanne® to help craft just the right mood and feel for your garden or patio. Mixing Rozanne with analogous or complementary coloured flowers can manipulate a setting and help you manage the mood. Purple conveys luxury and sophistication. In the past, royalty adopted purple as a symbol of status and […]

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