companion plants for roses

Companion Plants for Roses – 3 Gorgeous Choices

Just like with any other companion planting, there are many different reasons to mix different plants together.  Mix varieties for aesthetics, diversity, pest control, personal preference or some combination of all of the above. Whatever your reason, companion planting for roses is very popular right now! It’s also a great way to highlight the many […]

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Functional Companion Planting with Geranium Rozanne®

  Friends, family, and companions – everyone needs them. Our own beloved Geranium Rozanne®, too! We’ve talked about functional companion planting before – a garden planting technique that involves using different species of plants in the same area for the benefit and increased productivity of all plants and flowers. One advantage of using various colours, species, […]

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Companion Garden Planting: What to Plant Together

Everyone could use a friend in life, and this is just as true in the garden as out. Geranium Rozanne® is a steadfast and dependable presence who fills your outdoor space with blooms and beauty! However, she can benefit greatly from a few floral friends of her own. While her easy-going nature means she gets […]

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