planting geraniums

Planting Geraniums – How Far Apart?

With bright hues of red, blue, pink, white, purple and orange, planting geraniums is the perfect way to add pops of colour and vibrancy to your garden. There are several types of geraniums. They’re generally low maintenance, but they need good air circulation to thrive. The care of each geranium will vary, but a good […]

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pairing plants in containers

Pairing Plants in Containers

Let’s talk about beautiful paired geranium containers, shall we? By now you know how simple it can be to pair Geranium Rozanne® with your favourite companion plant for a lovely show of colour, shape and texture in just one container. In case you haven’t yet had enough inspiration, we’d like to offer some of our […]

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container gardening hardy geraniums

Can I Grow Hardy Geraniums In a Container?

Can I grow hardy geraniums in a container? New gardeners have been asking this question to us lately. Hands down, the answer is: YES! You absolutely can grow your favorite hardy geraniums – ahem, Geranium Rozanne®, of course – in your favorite containers in your garden. Rozanne loves dripping from hanging baskets and window boxes. […]

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Health Benefits of Gardening

Being friends with Rozanne® is about more than good times and quiet moments together; spending time with her can actually improve your health! Not that you needed any excuses to head out to the garden for some one-on-one time with Rozanne, but here are some ways you can reap the health benefits of gardening with […]

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Window Box

How to Grow Geranium Rozanne® in a Window Box

Geranium Rozanne®, commonly referred to as ‘cranesbill,’ is a versatile hardy perennial geranium! For example, she tolerates a variety of soil conditions, is drought resistant, and virtually pest free. She requires little care beyond regular watering, isn’t particular about sunlight or shade. In addition, she demands little grooming, and still provides consistently vivid purple flowers […]

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Geranium Rozanne to Decorate

Using Geranium Rozanne® to Decorate Your Life

One of the reasons people are so drawn to Geranium Rozanne in their perennial gardening adventures is for her long and vigorous flowering season. From spring until the first hard frost, Rozanne sports vivid purple flowers, accented with a pop of white. The hardy nature of Geranium Rozanne made her an easy choice for Plant […]

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Creative Rozanne Container Ideas

7 Clever Container Ideas for Planting Your Geranium Rozanne®

Planting your Geranium Rozanne® in a container is a great way to take a wonderful hardy perennial and add even more benefits. But the fun doesn’t’ have to end there. Here are some clever container ideas. 1. An old wheelbarrow Don’t throw out that old wheelbarrow with the cracked handle. Breath new life into it […]

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Rozanne in Containers

5 Reasons to Grow Geranium Rozanne in Containers

There are a good many reasons to try growing your perennial flowers and plants in containers this year, and one that grows particularly well is Geranium Rozanne. 2013 RHS Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Centenary and 2008 PPA Perennial Plant of the Year, it shouldn’t be surprising that Rozanne is the perfect perennial for […]

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geranium rozanne

3 Ways to Beautify Your Garden with Hardy Geraniums

Garden centers and nurseries offer a variety of colourful plants and flowers.  Novice gardeners are often overwhelmed choosing plants that will flower year after year and need minimal maintenance. Choosing flowering plants during peak summer months may be even more difficult! During summer months there’s a vast variety of beautiful annual flowering plants to attract […]

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