How to Add Texture to Your Garden

Creating a beautiful garden involves more than selecting pretty flowers and planting them in beds. The most memorable, lovely gardens add interest with long seasons of blooms, lush layers, and carefully selected plants perfect for their environment. As you design your garden space, color and size are important considerations, but texture also plays an integral […]

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How to Create Continuous Interest in the Garden

If you’re like most gardeners, you dream of beds filled with perpetually blooming plants that add color and interest to your landscape all year long. Unfortunately, it’s a rare perennial that blooms from the first day of spring through first frost. But with a bit of planning and our seasonal bloom cheat sheet, it’s possible […]

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top 4 tips for perennials this summer

Planning Your Garden For Summer Flowers

Summer is quickly approaching which means longer days, cool treats and lots of time in the sun. You’ll want a blooming garden in view since you’ll be spending so much time outdoors. Plan your garden for summer now! Then, as the season approaches, you can sit back and enjoy those long hot days. Here are […]

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english garden look

How to get the English Garden Look in the US

Do you daydream of sweeping hills and flowering blooms surrounded by green grassy lawns? Enter the English garden—the perfect place to read, laugh and unwind as you bask in the glow of the sun.  Traditional English gardens were designed to impress visitors with their beauty and greatness. Their elements of trees, rolling lawns, water features, […]

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Do I Really Need to Plan My Garden?

Do you really need to plan your garden? Let’s face it, you like your house and garden to look beautiful, but you don’t have the time to painstakingly care for an elaborate garden. So far, your idea of garden planning has been to purchase a few plants here and there and place them in containers […]

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When Garden Planning Goes Wrong

Planting without planning may be one of the biggest mistakes a new gardener can make. Skipping the garden planning process can result in beds and blooms that are overcrowded. They can get too much (or not enough) sun and water, or that just look messy and sad. Avoid these common garden planning mistakes when putting […]

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gardening lifestyle blog

Finding the Right Plants for Your Garden Zone

It happens. Out of the blue, you fall in love at first sight. You bring home a striking beauty, certain you are the perfect pair and your love will bloom forever. You proudly bring her home and show her to your garden. This relationship, it turns out, is one-sided. You give and give with nothing […]

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