planting geraniums

Planting Geraniums – How Far Apart?

With bright hues of red, blue, pink, white, purple and orange, planting geraniums is the perfect way to add pops of colour and vibrancy to your garden. There are several types of geraniums. They’re generally low maintenance, but they need good air circulation to thrive. The care of each geranium will vary, but a good […]

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geranium rozanne for ground cover

Geranium Rozanne® as the Perfect Ground Cover

Do you have empty or dreary locations around the garden that you feel need a little love and life to blend everything together? Ground cover is a great way to showcase colour and movement wherever grass does not grow or where tree roots interfere. It can be used instead of mulch or to cover unsightly […]

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geranium rozanne

3 Ways to Beautify Your Garden with Hardy Geraniums

Garden centers and nurseries offer a variety of colourful plants and flowers.  Novice gardeners are often overwhelmed choosing plants that will flower year after year and need minimal maintenance. Choosing flowering plants during peak summer months may be even more difficult! During summer months there’s a vast variety of beautiful annual flowering plants to attract […]

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