top 4 tips for perennials this summer

Hassle-Free Gardening with Geranium Rozanne®

It’s Springtime, which means the outdoors is calling your name. If you want beautiful flowers in your garden without all the hassle, then plant Geranium Rozanne® this weekend. Rozanne is just the kind of friend you need in your garden this year. She’s low-maintenance, cheerful and easygoing. And if you give her just a little […]

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cranesbills - a low maintenance garden flower

Cranesbills: Low Maintenance Garden Flowers

Cranesbills, as you may already know, are simply another name for geraniums. The two terms are commonly used interchangeably when referring to the ever-popular flower. “Cranesbill” derives from the appearance of the fruit capsule in the centre of the flower, which in some species looks like the beak (or bill) of a crane bird.   […]

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