8 Perennials for Fabulous Fall Foliage

Ah, autumn…the season of apple cider and cozy sweaters. As temperatures cool and days shorten, it’s time to pick apples and enjoy fabulous fall colors. But maple trees aren’t the only brilliant displays for your landscape. Many perennials offer fantastic fall foliage, too. In other words, perennials extend your garden season! Why Choose Perennials for Fall […]

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How to Create Continuous Interest in the Garden

If you’re like most gardeners, you dream of beds filled with perpetually blooming plants that add color and interest to your landscape all year long. Unfortunately, it’s a rare perennial that blooms from the first day of spring through first frost. But with a bit of planning and our seasonal bloom cheat sheet, it’s possible […]

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perennials fertilizer

Do My Perennials Need Fertilizer?

When it comes to caring for your perennials, you might be wondering if you’ve been skipping a very important step. You’ve heard about fertilizer and know it’s supposed to help boost plants’ growth, but do your plants need it? When it comes to fertilizer, also known as “feeding” your plants, there is actually quite a […]

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Summer Care for Geranium Rozanne®

By now, you’ve likely already planned your summer garden and are enjoying your outdoor space. Proper care of Rozanne® will keep her happy and thriving throughout the season. These tips will help you care for Rozanne in the different conditions that come with Summer. Here’s How To Care For Geranium Rozanne In The Summer: Dry […]

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top 4 tips for perennials this summer

Planning Your Garden For Summer Flowers

Summer is quickly approaching which means longer days, cool treats and lots of time in the sun. You’ll want a blooming garden in view since you’ll be spending so much time outdoors. Plan your garden for summer now! Then, as the season approaches, you can sit back and enjoy those long hot days. Here are […]

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Annuals Versus Perennials: Geraniums

The ever-popular and ongoing competition between the two lifestyles of plants: annuals versus perennials. What exactly are the differences between the two categories, what are the pros and cons of each, and what are some popular examples of flowers for each group? Let’s dig in! Introduction to Annuals Versus Perennials Annuals are plants that complete their […]

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Geranium Rozanne

What’s So Hardy (and Tough) About Hardy Perennial Geraniums

One of the many bountiful reasons we all love Rozanne® so much is her hardiness, of course! We’ve talked about this before and the benefits of hardy perennial geraniums, such as Rozanne. But what does it actually mean to be “hardy?” So What is Hardy (and Tough) About Hardy Perennial Geraniums? The word “hardy” is […]

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Gardening Tips for Beginners

Top 4 Must-Know Gardening Tips for Beginners

Do you have green finger envy? Does a visit to a local park make you just want to plant and sow and reap gorgeous vegetation of your own? Maybe even your neighbor’s thriving spring flower beds have you ready to get digging. This blog post features four great gardening tips for beginners! Here are 4 […]

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