First Potted Geranium Rozanne

How to Plant Your First Potted Geranium Rozanne®

It’s no secret that Geranium Rozanne® is a particularly robust and vigorous beauty, which is why she makes such a fantastic choice as a first plant for a novice gardener. As a hardy geranium that flowers year after year, this particular perennial makes an easy first plant for budding plant lovers and can breed success […]

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Geranium Rozanne in a Container

How to Grow Geranium Rozanne® in a Container

Growing Geranium Rozanne® in a container can have distinct advantages over planting her in a flower bed in the ground. In a container she is portable for watering and trimming and can go with you if you ever need to move. As a hardy geranium, Rozanne will require the same procedure for planting in a […]

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