Tech Tools: Garden Smarter with These 8 Gardening Apps

The technological age is among us, and it’d be silly not to take advantage of all the progress that’s become of it. Almost every aspect of our everyday lives is now affected by technology…. Including gardening. Even though gardening is a great way to go offline and spend time with nature, there are still some tech tools that can help you just as much as your spade can.

Before you scoff at the idea of using gardening apps, hear us out. These apps are more than your average Candy Crush. Instead of keeping you glued to a screen as you work towards an imaginary goal, these gardening apps simply enhance your time spent with your plants, ensuring your garden is as well-planned and gorgeous as it can be. You can actually see your in-app efforts come to life, and that’s why we love using gardening apps for various stages of garden planning.

So, without further ado, we bring to you Rozanne®’s personal favourite gardening apps that you’ll find yourself using time and time again. (Check this earlier list of Rozanne’s faves, too!)

Best Gardening Apps and Tech Tools

1. Garden Plan Pro

What it does: No matter the size of your garden, this app helps you design and plant a thriving vegetable garden as it syncs with your specific location and gives you the best growing advice for your climate.

Use it for: Planting reminders, spacing and arranging advice, and tracking progress in your herb, fruit, or veggie garden

2. Leafsnap

What it does: Leafsnap is your go-to field guide for identifying trees in the northeastern U.S. and the U.K.

Use it for: Identifying species of trees simply by snapping a photo and using the app’s recognition software

3. iScape

What it does: Eliminate the guesswork from planning out your landscape, and use the drag-and-drop technique to place details onto an image of your landscape.

Use it for: Either showing a landscaper your vision for the yard or as a blueprint for yourself

4. Perennial Match

What it does: To help you best plan your perennial borders and match Rozanne with the prettiest companion flowers, this app helps you visualize what each combination will look like long before you break ground.

Use it for: Planning an impeccably designed perennial garden

5. Garden Compass

What it does: Not only does this app help identify your plants, but it also helps you take care of them. With more than 50 horticulturists at your fingertips, you will get personalized monthly calendar reminders, advice, and recommendations tailored to your plants and climate.

Use it for: Identifying your plants as well as pests and improving your garden with reminders and advice

6. GrowIt

What it does: Your social network for gardening. Share your plant photos, get plant care information, and explore what your friends around you are having success with (and the plants they are not!).

Use it for: Showing off your beautiful blooms and connecting to a community of gardeners

7. Garden Manager

What it does: This app helps you be as nurturing as possible in that you can set alarms for when to water, fertilize, and so on. You can also keep a photo diary complete with notes about your prized plants.

Use it for: Making sure your plants get the care they need

8. Garden Answers

What it does: Coining itself as “the Shazam for plants,” Garden Answers identifies all plants and flowers and gives you access to additional information on pests and diseases. The app also allows you to ask experts your various gardening questions.

Use it for: Properly identifying plants as well as diseases and getting expert support

These apps are just a few of the many digital resources out there that were created to help you. Once you’ve picked your favourites and get them set up on your smartphone, don’t forget to check in to Rozanne’s Inner Circle for actionable gardening advice like this!