5 Tips for Perennial Geranium Care

Geranium Rozanne® and other perennial geraniums are very easy-going plants, with fairly loose requirements about the type of spot they like to grow in. However, you do need to give these pretty flowers a little bit of care to keep them alive and flourishing.

Here are a few tips for perennial geranium care:

Let them see the sun!5 Tips for Perennial Geranium Care

Although Geranium Rozanne can tolerate shade, she is happiest when planted in a spot that gets full or partial sunlight. It doesn’t matter which direction your garden faces or how sheltered or exposed it is; just make sure that these flowers get access to sunlight for at least part of the day. Rozanne actually flowers better in part (not full) shade.

Don’t worry (too much) about the soil.

Some plants will only grow in acid or alkaline soil. Geranium Rozanne isn’t that fussy. Just make sure that the ground has adequate drainage to prevent her from getting waterlogged.

Cut back to encourage new growth.

It’s true that you don’t have to do a thing to hardy geraniums if you don’t want to. But if you do choose to cut them back during the growing season, you would see a fresh, strong showing of leaves and flowers as a reward for your efforts.

Beware of slugs

One of the only peststo be aware of when nurturing the growth of Geranium Rozanne is the slug, and only when conditions are damp..  The kindest way to deal with slugs is to gently remove them by hand (with a glove) and place them in an area where they can carry on with their nibbling without damaging your plants. Rozanne would very much appreciate this “live and let live” approach.

She likes to spread her wings

Rozanne likes to spread out and doesn’t like tight spaces . It’s best to plant knowing this and plan accordingly. Plant Rozanne in a place where you won’t mind her wandering tendrils spreading the love through neighbouring plants, or you could find yourself on constant trimming patrol.



13 comments on “5 Tips for Perennial Geranium Care

  1. I am considering planting my Rozanne in a large pot. I live in the Midwest USA. Our winters get cold, sometimes below zero. Would Rozanne survive in a pot in this temperature, or should I bring her inside for the winter?

    1. Hi Clementine, thank you for your interest in Rozanne! My experts say that because you are planting in a pot, we recommend bringing her inside for the winter. I hope that helps! xx~rozanne

  2. Do I need to cut the hardy geraniums back in the fall? If so, how much should I take off? I live in the Midwest.

  3. Hello! I have Rozanne under a redbud tree in my yard (amended clay soil) and it gets part sun in the afternoon. It’s been planted for about 2 months but has not flourished. I have it planted with Geranium Elke, and both aren’t doing well. Some leaves are slightly yellow and they haven’t filled out and grown tall as expected. Any thoughts? Thank you!

  4. Thank you for such and extensive source of information on Rozanne! I am so in Love with this beautiful plant.
    I live in northeast Ohio. I purchased 6 last summer and I planted them along my walk. They did beautifully and seemed to be very happy. The area is in the sun on the north side of my house.. When winter came I did nothing. I left all the growth on in order to
    protect them from the elements. Our winters can be unpredictable. I waited anxiously this spring to see them come up and sadly only one came back. I don’t know what could have happened.
    Since they were pretty expensive I hesitate to purchase 5 more to replace the ones that did not return. I want to do a stem cutting to root new plants from the one that did come back. Do you have any suggestions on the rooting process.
    Thank you.. Doreen

  5. I too am a big fan of Rozanne geraniums. I have several, and they have all done well in my garden. I’ve grown them for about ten years and all are planted in semi-shade with at least 6 hours of sun. I started with one or two and have since divided and moved them around with huge success. They have never let me down, until now.
    By mid summer, one of my plants began to develop yellowing leaves. What started out as a few, eventually came to represent most of the plant. Flowering was weak after the yellowing appeared, and I thought I was going to loose it. However, this spring she came back just as always and I was thrilled. Disaster averted, or so I thought.
    The leaves have once again started to yellow. It is still early spring here in Michigan and the plant has only leafed out by about one third, but the yellowing is very evident already. I have no idea what is going on. Any ideas?

  6. Hi, I’m new to gardening/planting and live in zone 6 (Northeastern Pennsylvania – Dunmore to be exact). What do I do with the geraniums for winter? I have mine in a planting in bed in my front yard. Thanks for your help.

  7. We have a spot of landscaping that needs to be filled, can we plant Roxanne geraniums in August or would it be better to plant next spring? I am in zone 5b. Thank you

  8. Hello, my max frei is over 1 year and they are not growing. They are green and bloom occasionally

  9. I have heard that geraniums along with lavender help repel mosquitos. Is that true? I am considering planting some of each as a border around the base of my deck?

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