Get a Jump on Your Spring Garden with these Top Wintering Tips

Many gardeners find themselves chomping at the bit during these winter months. The inclement weather makes it nearly impossible to get outside and work in your garden, but your gardening desires aren’t weaning away. We have compiled this list for you. Here are some things that you can do while your plants are dormant, so your garden will be ready to go once spring comes!


prepare your garden for spring1. Read up on gardening

There are so many gardening magazines, online newsletters and blogs (including Rozanne’s) or even fun, relaxing books that have tons of useful information for garden enthusiasts. While your garden hibernates, take this time to relax, research and read about your favorite hobby.


2. Plan your spring garden

Stay cosy indoors and still work on your spring garden. Set some time aside and decide what colour scheme you’d like for your outdoor space, which herbs, flowers or vegetables you’d like to plant and if you want to include container gardening in your outdoor space. Sketching a simple idea of your garden layout will allow you to envision what you want your garden to look like and help you be more efficient once springtime hits.

prepare your garden for spring 1


3. Order seeds

Once you have an idea of what flowers and plants you want in your garden, start to order the seeds for them. One way to prepare your spring garden for this is to create a personal seed catalog that keeps inventory of the seeds you already have, want and have ordered. Keep in mind that some plants, such as Rozanne, can’t be purchased as a seed, so plan accordingly for those plants as well. Once the weather warms up, you’ll have everything you need to get started.


4. Do some clean up

If you are really itching to get outdoors, then you can get a jump start on preparing your spring garden by starting to remove weeds, deadhead your plants and cropping your plants. Taking the time to clear out weeds now will keep them from overwintering in your soil and prevent them from going to seed. You can prune Rozanne® and other perennials but don’t cut them back to the ground. Her foliage becomes a warm blanket that covers and protects her through the winter months.


5. Properly store tools

Don’t leave your precious garden tools out in the cold all winter long. Bring them into a shed or garage so they are protected from the elements during the season. As you clean them up, you can see if any need replacement. Purchase them now so when spring comes, you’ll be prepared with the proper tools.


While these dreary winter months loom around, take the time to picture, plan and prep your spring garden so you will be ready to go once the sun starts to shine. There’s just a few more short months before it will be spring and you can start spending every weekend outdoors in your garden again!


What are your favourite winter tips for preparing your spring garden? Leave us a comment on Facebook letting us know!