Top 3 Tools for the Weekend Gardener

While we all love gardening one way or another, there are different types of gardeners out there with unique styles all of their own. There’s the city gardener who maximizes smaller urban spaces, the everyday gardener who tends to their landscape at all times of the day, and then there’s the weekend gardener.

The weekend gardener is generally tied up during the week and, although he or she would love to tend to the garden every day, they are limited primarily to the weekends for grooming, planning and tending to their plot.

top 3 tools for the weekend gardenerFlowerbeds and container gardens are a standard favourite, although the heart warms for all things gardening. The weekend gardener might even have a vegetable and fruit garden filled with delicious produce planted from seed t, ready to be enjoyed and served to friends and family.

To keep up with all of their gardening projects, the weekend gardener must, however, invest in quality, useful tools that suit with the weekend gardening lifestyle; tools that will equally benefit the garden’s needs as well as the dedicated gardener’s needs.

Top 3 Tools for the Weekend Gardener

Although there are many gardening tools that would be helpful to you, a few must-haves for the weekend gardener include a:

  •      Garden fork – an excellent tool for both turning and aerating the soil.
  •      Cultivator – a high-quality tool that loosens soil and weeds, alike.
  •      Garden shovel – an everyday tool to use when planting container plants, and more.


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