Top 4 Tips For Your Perennials this Summer

summer perennials geranium rozannePerennial flowers are wonderful for summertime, because you do the labour of planting them once and they come back for multiple seasons. While annuals tend to last a bit longer in the season, they must be replanted each year. Perennials typically have shorter blooming seasons than annuals, so gardeners will often pair the two together to keep beautiful flowers visible throughout the summer.

Rozanne® is one of many hassle-free perennials.

Here are Rozanne’s top tips for caring for your perennials this summer:

Choose the right flowers for your garden zone

summer perennialsKnowing your garden zone and selecting perennials that will thrive within that zone is an important first step. Before heading to your local nursery, it’s a good idea to plan your summer garden. Rozanne will grow well in nearly any garden zone, but not all flowers will do the same. These 9 flowers are easy to maintain and colourful, and will complement Rozanne’s pretty purple colour quite nicely.

Water accordingly

How much water your plants need will depend on the variety as well as the climate of where you live. If you live in an area that tends to be more drought-prone, choose plants that can withstand the heat and tolerate less water. Other perennials prefer to be moist at all times. Check the variety and determine if its watering needs will fit in your garden. Keep all perennials well watered the first year so they can get established and bloom again the following year.

Prune or deadhead your flowers

Pruning or deadheading your flowers keeps them spruced and healthy. Trimming flowers that have browned, wilted, faded or curled allows the healthy petals to showcase their beauty. Pruning plants trims back the dead parts, so the plant’s energy is put into growing strong, healthy stems.

Unconventional bloom boosters

You can utilise everyday household items such as coffee, eggshells and milk as fertiliser for your perennials. Boost your soil by sprinkling it with epsom salts or rolling a paper towel across your soil to lock in moisture. These handy hacks will make you look like an expert in the garden!


With proper care and maintenance, your perennials can bloom beautifully for many seasons so you can enjoy your outdoor space with less work! Let us know on Facebook what your favourite tip is for caring for your summer perennials.