The Best Balcony Plants for Urban Gardeners

Being tight on outdoor space doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the gardening fun. Urban gardeners can enjoy the many benefits of gardening and reap what they sow on balconies, patios and terraces. With a few plants, you can turn your outdoor space into  an oasis you’ll love with these balcony plants.

balcony plants

First, determine whether your outdoor space is right for plants:

  1. Do you receive adequate light or sun throughout the day?
  2. Is there proper drainage that won’t bother your neighbours?
  3. Can you let your plants climb, or should they be contained?
  4. Do you have enough space? (The answer here is yes because almost any space will do!)

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then read on to see how to start your urban garden. There are many plants that work great for smaller spaces as well as container planting. Just because you lack in outdoor space, doesn’t mean you have to lack in balcony plants.

Top Flowering Plants for Limited Space

balcony plants geranium rozanneGeranium Rozanne

Rozanne grows beautifully in containers, whether she is dripping from a hanging pot or lining a window planter. Planting and caring for your Rozanne is also simple, making her a welcome addition to any patio or balcony.


balcony plants Leucanthemum Freak!Leucanthemum Freak!

Also known as the Shasta Daisy, Leucanthemum Freak! is easy to grow and pretty as fluffy white petals appear regularly, even outside of blooming period. Its compact size and showy blooms means you can fit more plants per container, adding a splash of colour to your balcony.


balcony plants marigoldMarigolds

This bright and cheery flower is low maintenance and pest repellant. It will thrive in a warmer climate. The sunny yellow, gold and orange blooms add brightness and colour even in the smallest spaces, so you don’t need a lot to make a statement.

Top Vegetable and Fruit Plants for your Balcony

balcony plants lime treeLimes

Make your own garden cocktails with limes fresh from your tree! A lime tree is a perfect addition to a patio because you can get dwarf versions that won’t grow as high and can be planted in a pot. The green, glossy leaves will add foliage to your space and you’ll have plenty of limes for all the cooking and cocktails you can muster up.


balcony plants lime treeCherry Tomatoes

Even the most novice gardener can enjoy these bite-sized treats, because cherry tomatoes are easy to grow in a raised bed or pot. With the proper exposure to sun, water, soil and drainage, you can enjoy your own vegetable garden on your balcony.  

balcony plants strawberryStrawberries

Strawberries are one of the best plants to grow in containers and they can even do well indoors. Choose a sunny spot outdoors or a windowsill that gets a lot of light for best results. This juicy fruit is prone to some bugs, so you may need to use an insecticide to combat against them.

Top Picks for Balcony Herb Plants

balcony plants lavenderLavender

Lavender is both a pretty and flavourful herb. This scented plant will add colour to your patio or balcony and can be added to recipes or drinks to create a fresh and unique flavour.

balcony plants basilBasil

This yummy and versatile herb does well in containers when it receives enough sun and water. It needs warmer weather to grow and doesn’t tolerate cool temperatures. Planted in a small pot, you won’t need much space to enjoy it.

balcony plants thymeThyme

A compact and hardy herb, this one is ideal for container planting. It tends to be low maintenance as far as its water and soil needs are concerned. There are several varieties of thyme, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Urban gardeners can have fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and beautiful flowers adorning their outdoor space, even in a small area. Which is your favourite plant for small spaces or balconies? Leave us a comment on Facebook sharing so other gardeners can see what their small spaces are capable of!