Companion Plants for Roses – 3 Gorgeous Choices

Just like with any other companion planting, there are many different reasons to mix different plants together.  Mix varieties for aesthetics, diversity, pest control, personal preference or some combination of all of the above. Whatever your reason, companion planting for roses is very popular right now! It’s also a great way to highlight the many close friendships that roses have with other plants. I decided to offer you a list of some companion plants for roses!

As you can imagine, some plants simply do not get along well with others. Generally, roses prefer not to compete for water, nutrients and sunlight. Keep this in mind as you companion plant roses with other plants. Avoid any plants that may crowd or provide too much shade. Instead, stick with plants that stay contained rather than aggressively spreading outside of boundaries. To be safe, plant companion plants 12-18” away from roses to avoid disturbing the root system.

best companion plants for rosesHere are 3 of Our Top Companion Plants for Roses:

Geranium Rozanne®: Did you think we wouldn’t recommend her? Of course we do, she’s a perfect companion! As you well know, she loves her friends and is quite the companion to others offering her beauty and easy-going demeanor to any well-crafted garden, whether she is used as groundcover or within a container nearby.

Marigold: Not only are her beautiful colours complimentary to your roses, but Marigolds are also well known for discouraging harmful pests and attracting other pest eaters. Well done, Marigold!

Evergreen Shrubs: To offer diversity in your bouquets (if you choose to use roses in this fashion) and provide year-round structure in your rose garden, evergreen shrubs like Senecio andBox are fabulous options to compliment roses.