Veggies vs. Flowers: Which Type Of Summer Garden Is For You?

When planning out your summer garden, you’ll want to decide whether to incorporate vegetables, flowers, or a little of each. Both vegetable gardens and flower gardens have pros and cons to them and each type of garden comes with its own risks and rewards. Find out more below to discover which garden type is right for you.

vegetable garden summer gardenVegetable Garden Pros and Cons


Grow your own food

There is nothing more satisfying than grocery shopping in your garden. A cherry tomato will never taste so sweet as one grown in your own backyard. You’ll also know exactly where the food came from and can enjoy it, knowing that it is chemical-free.

Fun project with kids

Teaching kids to plant, water, and care for vegetables is a perfect family summer activity. Kids will be delighted as they watch their hard work grow into something edible. It is so rewarding for kids to put effort into something and experience the end result.

Fresh produce all summer long

You can enjoy fresh produce throughout the summer without running to the shops at the last minute. And it will all taste better, knowing that you cultivated it yourself.


Crop loss

Vegetable gardens are more susceptible to crop loss due to pests or wildlife. Gardeners often put in many hours of hard work and labour only to find their plants eaten by deer or insects.

Time consuming

Planting a vegetable garden each year takes many hours of planning and labouring throughout the season. Additionally, you’ll need to spend time watering, weeding, and checking when food is ready to harvest. Vegetable gardens also need to be cleared out and replanted each year, starting the entire process over again.

Need a large amount of space

Planting a vegetable garden takes up a dedicated amount of space in your back garden. In order to produce a significant amount of fruit or vegetables, you often need raised beds or contained areas. If you are tight on outdoor space, this could limit what you are able to grow.


flower garden summer gardenFlower Garden Pros and Cons


Visually appealing

Flower gardens are just beautiful. They add instant colour and charisma to any outdoor space, making it more cheery and enjoyable for you and your visitors.

Plant once

If you use perennials like Geranium Rozanne, your flowers should come back each year. You plant once and enjoy blooms again and again!

Small spaces are okay

You can have a stunning flower garden even if you’re limited on outdoor space. Flowers can make a statement even when planted in small amounts. You can also plant flowers in containers if you’re completely lacking ground space.


Lacking function

The time, cost, and effort put into creating a flower garden is purely for aesthetics. While pretty, you don’t get any food or function from your plants.

Planning while you’re away

Those pretty flowers still need water and care if you’re on holiday or out of town. You’ll have to arrange for a neighbour or friend to stop by and help if you want your beautiful blooms still thriving when you return.

Physically exerting

Gardening requires kneeling, bending, carrying, digging and stooping. It can be physically demanding and cause injuries if mobility is already limited.

flower garden vs. vegetable garden summer gardenWhy not both?

There are pros and cons to both types of gardening, but Rozanne thinks both are worth the risk and rewards! Planting vegetables and flowers together can be beneficial for the garden and the gardener.

Having flowers integrated into your vegetable garden will help attract bees and encourage better pollination, which means more produce for you to enjoy.

Your garden can include style and function as you enjoy fresh flowers and vegetables throughout your summer!


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