What Are Anemones and When Do They Bloom?

If you’re known to gravitate towards showy blooms and pretty petals at the nursery, then you need to get to know the Anemone family! This family produces eye-catching pink and white flowers, and they’re easy enough to take care of; making them a great choice for beginner gardeners. The Anemones are perennials, just like Rozanne® and the rest of her friends.


Meet Rozanne’s Friends

Also, don’t forget about Rozanne’s most popular buds and her most popular buds and good acquaintances. All of Rozanne’s friends and family are great gardening go-tos if you enjoy Geranium Rozanne! Let’s take a bit more time to get to know the Anemones, though—these stunners need their moment in the spotlight.

When is the Anemone Blooming Season?

anemonesHow is your summer garden looking? What about your fall garden? Do you notice patches within your landscape that could use some love? Anemones just might be the answer to your early-autumn problems. These wiry and beautiful blooms show off delicately in the late summer and fall, making them a garden favorite. Anemones will add mid-season colour to your garden when summer flowers say goodbye and fall flowers wait to bloom.

Just as any other plant, though, the Anemone blooming season will depend on your garden zone. Extremely cool or hot temperatures may change your Anemone’s ability to thrive. If you live in the USA, find your garden zone here. Those living in the UK can find their respective hardiness zones here.

What are the Anemone Varieties?

anemonesLuckily for you, Rozanne and Friends offers an array of colors to choose from; giving you the option to create a gradient like hue in your garden. Each of these “pretty ladies” is either a shade of pink or white, so you can’t go wrong getting a bundle of all five! There’s a reason these flowers bear such a complimentary name–the Anemones are sure to make you fall in love.

Check out each of the varieties below, and don’t forget to ask about them at your local garden center! Find our list here of nursery, garden centers and suppliers here.

We know the Anemones are just as lovely as you’d hope. Make sure to give these late-summer stunners a chance in your garden. If you liked this article and want more gardening help, join Rozanne’s Inner Circle.