What Gardening Zone Does Geranium Rozanne® Grow In?

Hardy Geranium Rozanne® is at home in most gardens. While her tolerance to heat makes her an easygoing addition to many outdoor spaces, there are specific gardening zones in which she thrives.

Here are Rozanne’s preferred zones, and tips to care for her in each.

Rozanne will flourish in gardening zones 5 – 8. However, she can be quite at home in zones 4 and 9 with a little extra care.

What’s your garden zone? Find out here. In the UK, milder winters bring higher hardiness zones (7 – 10), despite their northern location. The US has a large variety of zones (1a- 13a) due to the inclusion of icy northern states like Alaska, and tropical states like Hawaii.

Zone 4

Many gardeners in zone 4 have reported successful overwintering of Rozanne for many years. Keep her happy in cooler winter zones by adding a layer of winter mulch if your garden lacks snow cover. Prepare Rozanne in the fall for the upcoming winter snow and frost, and she will reward you with a return to her full glory next spring.

Zones 5 – 8

Rozanne’s sweet spot is in gardening zones 5 – 8. These climates allow her to relax and spread, cascading her violet-blue blooms over the edges of containers, climbing up rock gardens, weaving through neighbouring plants, or bursting over garden edges. When planting Rozanne in zones 5 – 8, choose a location that receives full sun to partial shade. She prefers a fertile, moist soil with good drainage. After her first year, when Rozanne has settled in to her new garden home, she can tolerate drier conditions.

Zone 9

In warmer garden zones, Rozanne can perform just as vigorously if you treat her to a bit of afternoon shade. This is true in zones 7 and 8, as well as 9. If your summer temperatures soar, try using sun protection in the hottest part of the day. Perhaps the best way to keep Rozanne happy in these warmer climates is to plant her in containers, which can easily be moved to a shadier location in the hotter part of the summer. Be sure to keep her hydrated, but not drenched, during these warm days.

which gardening zone does geranium rozanne grow

Tips for Growing Rozanne Across Zones

No matter what gardening zone you place her in, you are likely to find yourself a steadfast and long lasting addition to your garden if you follow these tips for growing Rozanne.

Keep Rozanne hydrated during her first year and in hot summer months, but don’t drench her. She doesn’t like to sit around with wet feet all day, so well draining soil is a must. That being said, she can handle the occasional drought or dry patch once she is established, so don’t fret if you miss a watering or two.

Rozanne loves to stretch her full violet-faced blooms to the full sun, where she can live contently all day. Despite preferring full sun, she is a hardy bloomer who can withstand a number of different lighting and shade conditions. If you are in a warmer climate with hot summer temperatures, treat her to a bit of afternoon shade.

Containers are a perfect place to put Rozanne. She not only puts on a dazzling show in a container, where her blooms burst upward and then cascade over the edges with wild abandon, but containers also allow you to move her around your garden with ease.

Rozanne is a true nature-lover, and can’t abide being shut up inside all day. She belongs outside, where she can attract butterflies and honeybees to your garden and turn her face up to the sun’s welcome rays.