What is a Moon Garden?

As the hot days of summer wind down and temperatures top the thermometer, now is the perfect time to spend time after hours in your outdoor space. You can enjoy your garden in the cool dusk with a moon garden.

Beautiful moon gardenWhat is a Moon Garden?

A moon garden is a garden that is designed to be experienced and enjoyed at night, under the moon’s glow. Moon gardens are perfect for busy working professionals who don’t have a lot of time during the day to relax in their garden. Creating a moon garden allows you to unwind in the latter part of the day and experience the outdoors in a new dimension.

History of Moon Gardens

Moon gardens date as far back as gardening does. Before we had watches and clocks, people would look to the moon to know when to plant, turn soil and complete other gardening tasks.

Today, moon gardens are a perfect outdoor space for you to relax, meditate, or enjoy garden cocktails with friends under the moon’s twinkle.

Moon gardenHow to Get Your Own Moon Garden

You can create a moon garden by adding a few simple details to your existing garden. Things like flowers, lights and sound will help set up the perfect scene for your moon garden.

Consider Colour

Since the colours you choose will set the mood in your space, you’ll want to select colours that will be seen at night. Bright yellows and whites will glow wonderfully under the moon, while flowers with silvery leaves will glisten by the moonlight.

Think of the plants you have already selected when you planned your summer garden and choose companion plants for those flowers. Shasta Daisies will pair beautifully with Rozanne in your moon garden, while the silver foliage of Artemisia will complement the other perennials in your garden.

Some flowers, such as Lady of the Night, become more fragrant in the evening, adding an extra element to your moon garden. You can also select plants that bloom at night. The Moonflower and Evening Primrose are two plants that flower in the evening. There is certainly no shortage of options for your moon garden!

Gorgeous moon gardenAdd Accents

Create a warm and radiant moon garden by adding light coloured rocks or stepping stones on a path leading up to the garden. Illuminate your garden with the soft glow of candles or string lighting hung along a fence.

Your moon garden will be especially quiet, so adding a water feature will bring a calm and tranquil sound to your environment. You can also hang soft wind chimes made of bamboo or aluminum for serene background music.

Make sure to incorporate a seating area with a bench or a few chairs so you can sit down and enjoy the view in your peaceful garden.

Once your moon garden is complete, invite friends over to enjoy the space with you. Throw an evening garden party or host a few friends for a more intimate affair. After all, just because the sun is going down, doesn’t mean you have to limit enjoyment of your garden.


We would love to know what you would put in your moon garden! Leave us a comment on Facebook with images that fit wonderfully in your moon garden. And happy moon gardening!