What’s So Hardy (and Tough) About Hardy Perennial Geraniums

One of the many bountiful reasons we all love Rozanne® so much is her hardiness, of course! We’ve talked about this before and the benefits of hardy perennial geraniums, such as Rozanne. But what does it actually mean to be “hardy?”

So What is Hardy (and Tough) About Hardy Perennial Geraniums?

The word “hardy” is defined, in reference to plants, as the ability to survive low temperatures during winter. Rozanne has exceptional hardiness – she hibernates during the coldest of winters and always reappears the following spring.

What’s So Hardy (and Tough) About Hardy Perennial GeraniumsBut the word hardiness does not cover all of Rozannes strengths. She is also tough!. She is well known for her ability to thrive in heat and humidity as well as in the cooler seasons.

Rozanne is an extremely low maintenance plant . She adapts well to a wide variety of soil types, growing beautifully in many soil conditions. She also performs well in a wide range of light, from full sunshine to dappled shade .When properly cared for with appropriate sunshine and water, she extends herself to around 60 cm (24 inches) tall by 60 cm (24 inches) wide with larger blooms and leaves compared to many of her other geranium relatives.

This outstanding combination of both “hardiness” and “toughness” is the reason why Rozanne is one of the most celebrated hardy perennial geraniums by plant enthusiasts around the world. Now that says something!