Come Back Kids: When Will My Perennials Return in the Spring?

As the sun begins to be more of a regular guest in our day-to-day activities, it’s not uncommon to continually peek outside at your plants, waiting anxiously for them to bloom. It is spring after all, right? So why aren’t your perennials coming back out yet? That’s the best part about planting perennials—the fact that they return in the spring!

when do perennials return

The good news is you’re not alone in wondering when perennials return. And it’s a valid question to have, because the answer can change depending on a few different factors. The other good news is that we’ve got all the information you need to determine when your favourite blooms will come back out, and you might even be able to summon them sooner.

When Do Perennials Return?

To determine when your perennials will bloom again, you’ll have to first discern a few things: what variety you have, where you live, how you’ve been caring for your garden, and what the weather has been like.

when do perennials return springWhat is the Perennial Variety?

The type of perennial you have will help you understand its life cycle much better. Geranium Rozanne, for example, is a hardy geranium, which means she retreats back into the ground until spring comes around. “Indian Summer” black-eyed Susans have the same quality. A different perennial example would be “Lipstick” strawberry plants, which grow as evergreen perennials, producing green leaves all year long, then blooming bright red and yellow flowers when spring comes around.

It’s recommended to make sure you research your own perennials to learn more about its life cycle. Some of these perennials are proven to bloom early spring, while others are known to come back closer to summer. Take a look at this list as well to learn more about your perennials. However, the plants only perform their best according to the hardiness zone you live in, which brings us to our next point.

when do perennials return zoneWhat is Your Garden Zone?

Depending on the hardiness zone you live in, your plant will either thrive or take a lot more work to keep alive. Usually, when you purchase seeds or a mature plant, the packaging will include a graphic or sentence telling you which zones the plant works best in.

Basically, you’ll want to make sure that your perennial can withstand the highest and lowest temperatures as well as the rainfalls (or lack thereof) in your garden zone. Some perennials have the ability to withstand colder winters than others. If you live in a very cold garden zone, this page lists some of the extremely cold hardy perennials. If your perennial is not native enough to your garden zone, it might act more like an annual, only blooming once in its life span.

when do perennials return in springHow Have You Cared for Your Perennials?

There are a few practices you should keep up during the dormant months to ensure your perennials come back brighter and more alive than ever when spring rolls around. Depending on whether or not you’ve care well for your perennials can affect their ability to come back sooner rather than later.

For example, planting your perennials in fall is said to help them come back in spring brighter and better than ever. As far as your specific varieties, it’s important to pay close attention to their care instructions. Luckily, if you have Geranium Rozanne in your garden or other perennial geraniums, these plants are pretty easy-going when it comes to care. Just remember to do what’s right for your variety to ensure you prime it for optimal spring blooming.

when do perennials return weatherHow Has the Weather Been This Year?

The last thing to take into consideration when trying to figure out when your perennials will return is the past year’s weather. If it’s been considerably, hot, cold, wet, or dry, try to think about whether or not you remedied these weather conditions with your care. If it’s been quite cold, you might see later blooms, whereas a mild winter can call for early blooming. Sometimes, if it was too cold, your bulbs might have been damaged a bit.

Clearly, there are a lot of factors that go into determining when perennials return in spring, so make sure you check off everything above to see when your flowers will come back out. And if you join Rozanne’s Inner Circle, you’ll get important info like this in your inbox every month!