Why Geranium Rozanne is the Perfect Starter Flower

Geranium Rozanne is the perfect starter flower when you are ready to learn to garden. She is easygoing and happy to teach you to care for her. Her friendly personality and natural hardiness ensure she’s forgiving of small mistakes made with her lighting, soil, or water needs. In exchange for your attention, Rozanne gives you a long flowering period! She also rewards a high ratio of flowers to your effort, and a new-found confidence in your gardening abilities.

Here’s why Geranium Rozanne is the Perfect Starter Flower:

What does Geranium Rozanne need from you to be happy in your garden? Growing Rozanne is easy, and her needs are few. Rozanne needs to be outside in natural sunlight, where she will happily flourish in any space you have for her. She takes well to containers, and enjoys a window box, hanging basket, or any creative container space you choose.

Geranium Rozanne is the perfect starter flower for your gardenGeranium Rozanne enjoys being placed in a garden container  filled with potting soil. Most well-draining mixes will do fine for this hardy plant. In the garden, her bright pop of colour and energetic growing habit makes her the perfect groundcover or border plant. Rozanne has a great habit of filling a space densely, making it hard for pesky weeds to join her space. While Rozanne would enjoy a bit of compost mixed in with her soil, she doesn’t require it.

During the warm summer months, Rozanne would love for you to join her for the occasional drink. She is drought-resistant and hardy, however, so you don’t need to spend all of your free time watering her. After a good watering, wait until her soil is dry to the touch before you have another drink together.

Geranium Rozanne will happily live wherever you are, but she is an outdoorsy girl and will grow bored and despondent if you try to keep her inside. Outdoors, in the natural light, her easygoing personality is very adaptable. She can grow in full or partial sunlight, so you can place her wherever you would like. With a little sunlight, Rozanne will happily bestow on you many flowers for a long growing period.

Learning is fun!

Learning a new skill is much easier when you have a patient and good natured teacher, and nowhere is this more true than with gardening. When you begin your gardening adventure, the right flower is easy, low maintenance, and versatile in her needs. (The wrong flower can be temperamental, high maintenance, and harshly unforgiving.) Choosing the perfect starter plant can encourage you in your new skill, while the wrong plant can lead to frustration and tears. Geranium Rozanne is always the right plant, and her happy disposition, easygoing ways, and hardy versatility are a perfect match for the novice gardener.