How to Grow Geranium Rozanne® in a Window Box

Geranium Rozanne®, commonly referred to as ‘cranesbill,’ is a versatile hardy perennial geranium! For example, she tolerates a variety of soil conditions, is drought resistant, and virtually pest free. She requires little care beyond regular watering, isn’t particular about sunlight or shade. In addition, she demands little grooming, and still provides consistently vivid purple flowers for as long as the warm weather lasts.

Planting this hardy geranium in a window box is a variation on perennial container planting, which is a wonderful option for many reasons, including:

This offers the added benefit of Rozanne’s exceptionally vibrant flowers at eye level for her extended blooming season. Few perennials or annuals can boast the long flowering season that Geranium Rozanne offers. She comes on strong in the spring and continuously shows off her fragrant flowering abundance until the first hard frost of the winter.

To enjoy Rozanne in a window box follow these simple steps:

Step 1: fill your window box with soil

Rozanne isn’t exceptionally picky about the soil she lives in. She grows best in soil with good drainage. Therefore, choose a good multi-purpose potting soil or any other medium that isn’t clay-dense or otherwise overly water-retentive. Be sure that your window box has holes in the bottom to allow water to drain out.

Step 2: plant Rozanne in her new homeHow To Grow Geranium Rozanne in a Window Box

Spacing each geranium about 12 inches/31 cm apart, place each root ball in the soil with the roots fanned down and out, and cover with soil. If your window box is very deep, you can plant multiple rows of Rozanne and allow the wandering tendrils to cascade over the edge of the window box.

Step 3: water your new garden

After you have finished planting, give Rozanne a liberal watering to remove any air pockets around the roots. If some soil compacted or slipped through the bottom holes of the box, add more to raise the level.

To sum up, now you are ready to enjoy this hardy perennial in your window box. Let Rozanne’s trailing greenstems and purple flowers brighten your spirits this spring!



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  1. Hi. Just saw this plant on gardeners world and want to know when is the best month for planting in my window boxes?

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