Winter Hardy Perennials That Will Survive the Cold

Wintertime often comes as a bit of a bummer to gardeners—the lack of green landscapes can make it seem like spring is never returning. But what if you could have plants that come back on their own in the spring? That’s the case with winter-hardy perennials chosen for your growing region. These tough plants were bred and developed to survive such cold temperatures.

Rozanne and Friends® solicits plant breeders for the best new varieties for varied hardiness zones worldwide.

Winter Hardy perennials

To care for your garden through winter, you should take a look at your plants and decipher which ones are winter-hardy perennials for your garden region or hardiness zone. From there, it’s important to prep those that are winter-hardy for the chilly weather ahead. Learn more about your garden region or hardiness zone here.

Which of Rozanne’s friends are winter-hardy?

Wondering which plants in your garden will make it through the winter? Check out the Product Categories of varieties on At the bottom right of each variety page, look for the “Approx. Winter Hardiness” info provided. Choose varieties within your garden region or hardiness zone rating for the best chance of winter hardiness.

Geranium Rozanne® – not to be confused with annual “geranium”

Winter Hardy perennials

Geranium Rozanne is a hardy geranium, which by nature allows for winter hardiness compared to non-hardy types. Take time to review the info in this link to better understand how variety development also makes a difference in winter hardiness.

Chrysanthemums – not all mums are created equal

You may know mums for their colourful show in autumn. However, did you realize some mums are more winter hardy than others? Rozanne and Friends Igloo Series Mums are  winter hardy in U.S. gardening zones 4-9. Learn more Igloo hardy mums here.

How to prep your hardy perennials for the winter

Your hardy perennials have the capability to survive low temperatures. However, you shouldn’t leave them to fend for themselves. If you want your perennials to make it through the winter, you need to do a couple things to prepare them. Though each plant’s care will be different, you can assume some of the same precautions.

Be sure to choose a garden site for Rozanne and her Friends that matches the requirements shown on their variety. Here are the steps to consider.  

Then follow these tips to prepare for winter.

Make sure all the proper care has been issued throughout the season, and make an effort to lead your plants into the cold season while they are in great shape. Follow the “Aftercare Instructions” on the variety page.

Additionally, add mulch around your hardy perennials to help protect them, and ensure the soil is healthy. You can usually let them hibernate over winter, and they should be ready to come back when the weather warms up. If your hardy perennials are in containers, it’s not a bad idea to move them under cover or into a sunroom.

Good garden prep in the fall leads to happier blooms in the spring! As the cold weather looms, be sure to join Rozanne’s Inner Circle for essential reading on gardening tips, trends, and tricks. You know you’ll be spending lots of time inside this season!