You Just Bought a House: Plan A Garden At Your New Home

Homebuying is never a simple, cut-and-dry process. However, when you finally sign the papers on the house of your dreams, the feeling of excitement takes over. If you’re nodding your head to this, there’s a good chance you just recently went through it. In which case—congrats to you! Moving into a new home is so exciting, especially if you love decorating and you can’t wait to make the place your own. Have you thought about planting a garden at your new home?

garden new home

Though you may have a lot of ideas floating around your head, deciding where to start with your new home can be overwhelming. Do I update the bathroom first? Should I install wallpaper? Do I start my garden? If you’re not sure where to begin making your new house a home, we have some tips that could help. Specifically,

When it comes to starting or dealing with an existing garden, here’s how to tackle the project.

Take Stock

Your first order of business is to take a look at what you have to work with. Does your home already have a garden? If there is a garden, go through it and take note of what you like or dislike about it. You should also take a close look at the plants—there may be something quite rare in there you won’t want to remove!

If you’re not entirely sure what might be deemed precious or rare, consider speaking with an expert or one of your trusted gardening friends. It would be a shame to trash something, only to find out later that it’s extremely valuable and unique!

Consider the season

If you move into your new home in the winter, your outdoor to-dos may not be so hefty. There’s only so much you can do with heaps of snow. However, if you move in during the spring, you’ve landed yourself in the prime planting season—try planning out some summer flowers if you have room to plant more.

Start small

A lush, extravagant garden sure does sound lovely, doesn’t it? A lot of new homeowners get in over their heads with excitement and try to do too much too soon. Realistically, you won’t be able to have an established garden within the first few weeks of moving in. Be honest with yourself about what you can accomplish this year, and slowly build on it. Half the fun of gardening is seeing the progress as time goes by!

Plan it out

Think of your new home as a fresh slate. You can make your garden anything you want it to be! Before you start digging, though, remember that a happy garden is a planned garden. There are a lot of things that can go wrong if you don’t plan your garden, so don’t ruin your chances—plan that garden before you plant. You may want to try to incorporate Feng Shui design in your space to promote growth and good vibes.

You can achieve your fantasy garden with one of many garden planning apps or a program that allows you to sketch out your ideal landscape.

Quick wins

Think about the types of flowers or plants you can add this year that will give you some quick foliage that you can enjoy during the first year in your new home. Not only will this help motivate you for seasons to come, but you also won’t have to wait forever for your garden to show up. One way to make sure you have some early blooms to enjoy is to purchase more mature plants as opposed to seeds or seedlings.

Bring the beauty

Our last piece of advice for establishing a garden at a new house is to bring your old garden! It’s not impossible to move your garden to a new residence… you just have to be careful. We suggest taking either just your favourite plants or replanting some of them in portable containers. Some plants are more sensitive than others, so some may be better left behind for the new tenants to enjoy. Just think of it as a way of spreading the joy.

Moving into a new home is exciting, and even better when you can create the garden of your dreams there. Hopefully these tips were helpful! Next time you have a gardening question or dilemma, Rozanne’s Inner Circle has all the answers—click here to join for newsletters full of planting tips.